Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Composites are now part of our everyday life. Used extensively in the Aerospace, military defences and civil structures….FRP has proven to be one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world.

Fibre Reinforced Plastics hold many advantages over traditional materials such as steel and concrete. Composite products greatly reduce maintenance requirements, significantly reducing the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product.

Corrosion Resistant

The range of Protec FRP products are designed to withstand deterioration from industrial chemicals and environmental factors. Unlike concrete, Protec FRP products will not corrode and therefore require costly maintenance. Protec FRP products can be exposed to continuous submersion or chemicals and still maintain its integrity.

Low Installation Costs

Protec FRP Pumping Stations and Storage tanks weigh considerably less than conventional materials and are therefore easier and less expensive to transport and install. The lightweight nature of the products reduces the need for costly equipment and machinery, special equipment such as low loaders and overweight floats are unnecessary. Only standard transport/lifting equipment is required.

No Maintenance

Protec FRP products will not rust, corrode or fade and therefore do not require painting, sandblasting or most importantly - replacing.  The smooth internal walls stay cleaner longer in contrast to concrete walls with a rough texture internal wall needing frequent cleaning

Special UV inhibitors are integral to the products, meaning they will withstand the harsh sun, even in Australia's tough environment.


Protec FRP products do not leaks due to the homogeneous sealed unit, unlike concrete where external leaks occur from osmosis through the concrete structure.

Life Expectancy

Protec FRP products have a 150 year life expectancy, opposed to concrete which often needs to be repaired or refurbished due to early failure from corrosion.


Protec FRP products are delivered as one complete homogeneous unit (no assembly required on site) therefore eliminating the need of confined space entries as opposed to concrete which comes in sections to be joined on site or poured on site; then fitting, requiring confined space entry.


Protec FRP products weighs around one quarter as much as steel, and one tenth as much as concrete, reducing fabrication, transportation and installation costs, and reduction of OH&S risks.

Superior Strength

The high glass-to-resin ratio of Protec FRP products creates materials which are incredibly strong, with excellent load bearing capabilities. Combined with non-corrosive properties, Protec FRP products will far outlast traditional materials.

High Performance

FRP has a proven track record in the harshest of conditions, such as chemical plants and marine construction. It has far outlasted traditional materials such as steel and concrete

Cost Savings

While the material purchase price is important, the engineer should also consider the related costs of installation, maintenance and replacement over the life time of the project. Protec FRP products will significantly reduce all three of these costs, because of the ease and speed of installation, lack of maintenance required and long lasting durability, with quicker return on investment.


Protec FRP products were designed with deflection in mind, as FRP has far greater inherent elasticity than steel or concrete. This means FRP is able to withstand loads causing deflection without the risk of structural damage, giving it a significant advantage over steel and concrete.

Protec FRP ….your engineering partner for fiberglass pumping stations and storage tank needs….

Our professional engineering and drafting team can help you find the right solution that meets your needs for longevity, safety and cost!

Below are images of concrete and steel pumping stations and manholes that have corroded or rusted. Concrete pumping stations guarantees with warranties of no more than 5 years. Protec FRP Products have a life expentency of 150 years!