Research and Development of Horizontal Storage Tanks

The team at Protec FRP are continually looking for ways to improve the MaxiPit Pumping Stations and Storage Tanks to ensure we are supplying our customers with the right products, in the right timeframe, for their project. Horizontal Tanks are ideal for underground applications of up to 150,000L, where deeper excavations may not be possible.

Protec FRP have recently designed an innovative range of Horizontal Storage Tanks that can be pressurised up to 9 metres where tanks are required below basements and the overflow is at street level 9 metres up. The homogenous sealed unit which is filament wound provides the ultimate solution for strength and design in these applications.

The newly redeveloped Horizontal FRP Tanks are structurally engineered to withstand all ground conditions, eliminating the risk of ground water access and contamination. The smooth internal walls of the Horizontal FRP Tanks stays cleaner longer by resisting scum and fat build-up, helping to reduce maintenance and servicing costs throughout the product’s lifecycle.

MaxiPit FRP Tanks are suitable for stormwater, wastewater and sewage applications and will not invert, collapse or corrode during the lifetime of the tank.

The MaxiPit range of Horizontal Storage Tanks are available from :